Online Bingo Vs Bingo offline

There are many differences between online and offline bingo, though the essence of bingo is retained in both.


1) Party At Home– The traditional offline bingo involves finding a place where bingo is played and attending the game. The online version requires the user to create a bingo account and start playing whenever he/she feels like it.

2) Bonuses and free money– In online bingo players receive bonuses and free money, Whenever you visit new bingo website you’ll get new online bingo bonus and in offline – no free money and no bonuses.

3) Jackpots– In online bingo sites the jackpots are higher; one player won 420,000 GBP in an online bingo game. In offline the prizes are low.

4) Save money– The traditional bingo involves money being spent in the form of food and beverages and also for travelling to the place where bingo is played. Online versions do not require any of these as these may be played at home.

5) Annoying people– there is always some annoying people who always talk and disturb your game, in online if you don’t like the chat you can just simply turn it off.

6) Auto daub-Some sites have ‘auto daub’ feature that fills the ticket automatically allowing the user to continue networking with different users. Certain other sites pick tickets closest to the bingo and display.

7) Networking– Online bingo allows the users to chat with players. This allows networking and helps in gaining tips on winning strategies. This is unavailable in traditional bingo. Many Bingo chat rooms also have hired chat moderators who help in maintaining pleasant conversation between users.

8) 24/7-Online bingo can be played anytime and this form is very good for people who like playing with others. Traditional bingo does not offer these features as most people are involved in playing the game with little time for networking.

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