Spins To Your Heart’s Content With High Risk Roulette

Roulette has always been one of the most dynamic casino games ever played. The anxious wait and the pin-drop silence which accompanies the spinning of the wheel is as addictive as the whoop of joy when the ball stops at the predicted slot. But playing the high stake roulette actually takes this charm and addiction several notches higher.

It is said that there can be no gain without pain. The high-risk roulette amply justifies this saying but the allure of it is such that most whales play high risk roulette with a passionate fervour and regularity. Their whole life seems to be ruled by black or white, odds or even.

Getting the whale treatment

In fact these high stake players whether online or otherwise, seem to get what is known as the “whale treatment”. This refers to a host of favours, comforts, perks and bonuses that casinos roll out for these big players or whales. Some of these might include:

  • Appointing special hosts to take exclusive care of them,
  • Setting aside a table for these live and online players,
  • Ensuring semi-privacy so that they can make their bets in peace,
  • The welcome bonus and other special bonuses offered online,
  • Special cash back and rewards programs,
  • Lavish trips on private owned jets, invitations to exclusive parties, expensive gifts etc.

Different high stake roulette strategies

There are several strategies which a whale might employ to get lucky. Some of the important ones are the:

  • Martingale system which is based on the even money betting. This strategy is also one of the oldest and believes that if a player keeps doubling his bets after every loosing spin, he will eventually win big time and recoup all losses suffered.
  • Paroli strategy is a short term strategy which cashes on the advantages associated with hot streaks and they even bet on payoff wagers with the sole aim of winning three games in a row.
  • Fibonacci strategy depends on the ideology of the Fibonacci series wherein a whale starts with 1 and then adds two previous bet numbers to get the subsequent number in the sequence.

It goes without saying that it is necessary to stick to a particular strategy for some time. This consistent use of the same technique increases the chances of a big win and also enables a player to recoup all his losses.

So good luck and keep winning!

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