Top Bitcoin Gambling Websites

You will find many Bitcoin gambling websites on the internet. But not every one of them is genuine. You don’t want to run into the risk of compromising your personal data by gambling on a site that doesn’t possess the license for Bitcoin gambling. So here is a list of top legitimate and reputed Bitcoin gambling websites for you to check out:


One of the first big buyouts of Bitcoin companies, the CEO Erik Vorhees made a whopping $11.5 million when he sold Satoshi Dice to its new owner. Apart from the fair Bitcoin casino games, the site comes with a lot of features such as slots, instant payouts, free Bitcoin faucet, fast betting, and wheel of fortune.


One of the well-known Bitcoin casinos with an established social media presence, Primedice comes with a slick layout that hardly looks like a gambling website. With a low house edge, the website is easy to use and comes with unconfirmed deposits.

Bigcoin Gambling

Although not exactly a Bitcoin gambling site, this is a platform for you to compare various Bitcoin gambling sites. Through this site, you can easily find a Bitcoin casino, a poker room, a dice site, or even a live betting site that can suit your requirements. You can compare sites for altcoins such as Dash and Ethereum and can also get bonus information from this online platform.


Although not covered extensively, this site offers games in BTC as well as LTC. The best part of this site is that it offers the dice game Satoshi Bones, which was introduced in 2014.


With unconfirmed deposits and a house edge as low as 1 percent CoinRoll makes for a safe and easy-to-use Bitcoin-gambling site. You don’t even have to register to play on this site. You can add in any address for the winnings to be sent. The bets here are processed instantly and fairly.


One of the first-generation Bitcoin casinos, the website is quite nostalgic in its design. Its run by two anonymous BitcoinTalk users, one of whom is the CEO and owner by the name Lightlord and other is the one who runs support and development – Zoadiac1233.


One of the most reputable Bitcoin casinos online, Bit777 offers raffles, dice, wheels, jackpots and a lot other games other than casinos. UltraPlay, one of the leading online gaming software companies, has developed and maintained the software that they have deployed.

You will find many more such Bitcoin gambling websites if you run a search on the net. However, make sure you go through the reviews and verify the credentials before signing up with any of them.

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