Understanding The Betting Rules In Baccarat

If you are trying your hand at บาคาร่า for the first time, you would want to understand the way the game is played. There are several nuances of the game. It is usually played in groups in a real casino where high stakes are usually employed. It usually involves placing bets on the player or the dealer’s hand, which is the principal part of the game. You will want to understand the rules of betting well in order to play the game well and increase your chances of winning.

Different betting options

In the baccarat game there are three kinds of betting rules:

  • Betting on the hand of the player.
  • Betting on the banker or the dealer’s hand.
  • Betting for a tie.

These are the three principal forms of betting option in this game. There are usually tables, minimum and maximum amounts that are specified at the beginning of a game. You can bet an amount that lies in between these two limits.

How to bet on a player’s hand?

 When it comes to betting on the player’s hand, you would want to place your gaming chips in the Player’s designated area on the baccarat table. If you win the bet which is declared at the end of a round, you would have a score that is greater than what the dealer has. You will be paid out even money and there would not be any commission charged on it.

How to bet on a banker’s hand?

There is a designated section of the baccarat gaming table that signifies the dealer or banker’s area. You would have to put your bet in this section if you are betting on the banker hand. When a round is played and the banker has a greater score than the player, the latter will win the round. In such a case you will receive an even amount of payout but there would be a commission charged which is usually five percent in land based casinos.

How to bet on a tie?

For those who wish to bet on a tie you would place your gaming chips in the area designated Tie in front of you on the baccarat table. In case there is a tie at the end of the round you will receive a payout of 8 to 1 where there is no commission fee charged. However, in certain casinos a commission is charged in case of a tie which is quite high.

The experience of sitting at a baccarat table and playing the game can be lived through an online casino site as well. The convenience of playing the game at an online site is greater and so are the payouts higher at such sites. You could also start off playing with virtual money till you understand the game fully. These are some of the advantages of playing baccarat online. Many sites even simulate the real baccarat table playing experience for the players. Try your hand at the game today by visiting Sbobet9.com.

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